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Charity Voice Online

Charity Voice is your opportunity to contribute to a cause and help to support the amazing and profound work done by organizations fighting cancer, heart disease, poverty, animal rights and so many other worthwhile endeavors.

Your involvement in online opinion research allows consumers like you to opt into a global panel where you can trade a little of your time to support a cause for which you are passionate.

The Charity Voice Online Research Panel is FREE to join. We never charge our members anything to participate.
You and your selected charity will both earn reward dollars for every survey you complete.

Here is how it works:

You will receive invitations from Simply click on the provided link and you will be taken directly to the survey. It's that easy.

When you qualify and complete a survey, both you and your charity will receive reward dollars. Many surveys will pay $2, $5, $10, $25 or more depending on survey length and level of respondent required.

You may redeem your reward dollars when your balance reaches at least $25.00 or you may donate your reward dollars directly to your charity or a list of any of our participating charities.

An idea who's time has come!

This largely untapped market will vastly help to improve existing online access panels by providing a high quality level of respondent whose valuable input will help drive future trends in both the consumer and business communities.

*All information collected is secure and the environment private. Your personal information will never be shared with third parties and you will never be spammed or sent advertising as a result of participating in The Charity Voice Online Research Panel.

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